Ternyata, Ini 5 Materi Bahasa Inggris yang Paling Sering Keluar di Soal UN SMA

Hi! Siapa nih di sini yang sedang duduk di kelas 12 SMA? Sudah mulai belajar soal-soal UN, belum? Mungkin sebagian dari kamu ada yang sudah mempersiapkan dari sekarang, tapi ada juga yang belum memulai sama sekali. Hayo, ngaku! Walau begitu, tenang ada solusinya! Kamu bisa memperkaya pengetahuanmu tentang soal UN di sini, lho. Baiklah, dimulai dari materi bahasa Inggris dulu ya. Siap belajar? Yuk, simak satu per satu topik apa yang paling sering ke luar di UN nanti!

1.  News Item 

MAKASAR – Luwu Timur Police in South Sulawesi has confiscated 740 logs which they suspect cut illegally, and questioned eight people in relation to the case. The logs were confiscated last week in two raids as they were being transported on trucks from protected forest areas. Police Chief Adj. Comr. Richard Nainggolan said some of the logs were seized in protected forest areas. “The carrier did not have the necessary documents. The driver said the owner of the logs had the documents,” Richard said. “We are currently looking for the owner of the logs,”  he added. Richard said illegal logging was rife in the area and the police had increased the frequency their patrols.—JP. (Source: thejakartapost.com)

The text is about ….

a. Some trees in protected area

b. The increase of illegal logging in South Sulawesi

c. The increase of police patrols in protected forest areas

d. Police investigation to hunt a suspected illegal logging boss

e. Eight people questioned by the police for illegal logging cases

Pembahasan: Inti dari bacaan di atas adalah tentang meningkatnya penebangan liar di Sulawesi Selatan (B). Hal ini bisa dilihat pada penggabungan paragraf awal dan akhir yang mengatakan ‘Luwu Timur Police in South Sulawesi has confiscated 740 logs which they suspect cut illegally dan ‘Richard said illegal logging was rife in the area’ yang artinya Polisi Luwu Timur menahan 740 kayu yang dicurigai ditebang secara ilegal dan Richard mengatakan penebangan liar telah meluas di daerah ini. Jawaban: B (the increase of illegal logging in South Sulawesi)

2. Recount-factual

My Rush Time as a Journalist

soal un (sumber: thebanter.com.au)

I usually woke up at eight o’clock a.m. and went to the Press Center to check the daily schedule of briefings and press conferences. It was usually held by the United Nation officials or disaster mitigation team.

It was challenging to visit different refugee camps to find soft stories, human interest stories. After that I went back to the Press Center to cover the press conferences of the day. It was heartbreaking when I saw these survivors fight for food and secondhand clothing. Unfortunately as they said, the food and clothing were limited and inadequate. Emerging to glaring, fool noon, it was time to go back to Press Center to write stories and race against time. I was always fearing that the internet would come crushing down.

After everything was done, only then I remembered to eat. Most times, I only ate once a day because I always had to rush and again it was difficult to find food. I had to travel quite far. I needed to spend a 30 to 45 minutes by car just to find fresh food.

What did the writer do at noon?

a. Found soft stories                 

b. Visited refugee camps

c. Checked the daily schedule

d. Covered the press conference

e. Went back to press center to write stories

Pembahasan: Hal yang dilakukan penulis pada siang hari adalah kembali ke press center untuk menulis (E), seperti yang dijelaskan di paragraf 2 baris ke 4 dan 5 yang mengatakan ‘…fool noon, it was time to go back to Press Center to write stories and race against time. Jawaban: E (went back to press center to write stories).

3. Letter-topic

Dear Jonathan, 

Hello! How are you? I received your letter today. I am very excited to hear that you are coming to stay with me for the holidays. I am sure we will have a lot of fun together. 

My parents have agreed to let you stay with me. They offered to pick you up at the airport. All you have to do is to tell us when you are coming.

I will now tell you about some of the things you will experience here in Indonesia. You do not have to worry about the local spicy food. We have a lot of fast-food restaurants here like the ones you have in England. 

You can also shop for souvenirs to bring home. Sarinah or Blok-M are some of our famous shopping areas. They have many shops selling all kinds of things. I am sure you will love them. 

I am also planning to take you to a few tourist spots like miniature of Indonesia, National monument, or Safari Garden. We can also go to the Ancol beach where you can swim, play on the beach, and have picnics.

My family and I are looking forward to your coming. I hope to hear from you soon.  Good bye.

Best regards.


What is the letter about?

a. Planning to stay and do some activities in Indonesia during holiday

b. Buying in the fast food restaurant and shopping at Sarinah

c. Going to buy souvenirs and going to tourist spots

d. Planning to stay in Indonesia for the holidays

e. Picking up at the airport when he comes

Pembahasan: Setelah melihat keseluruhan paragraf, maka topik yang tepat untuk bacaan ini adalah ‘rencana untuk tinggal dan melakukan berbagai aktivitas di Indonesia selama liburan. Sedangkan jawaban yang hampir mirip adalah pilihan (d), tetapi salah karena jawabannya terlalu umum. Jawaban: A (Planning to stay and do some activities in Indonesia during holiday).

4. Announcement Topic

To: All employees
From: Hilal
Director, Personnel

Date: June, 27th 2012
Subject: Charitable Leave

The corporation is pleased to announce a new policy which will allow employees to take paid time off for volunteer activities. Employees may take up to eight hours of paid leave per month to volunteer for charity organizations. Employees are eligible for this program if they are full-time and have been employed here for at least one year. Charitable leave must be requested in advance; otherwise, employees will not be paid for that time. Charitable leave must also be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

What does the text tell us about?

a. Taking leave during pregnancy                          

b. Getting paid for volunteer work                     

c. Having more holidays

d. Having more works

e. Going home early

Pembahasan: Pengumuman di atas adalah tentang kerja sukarela yang dibayar (B). Kata kunci yang bisa dilihat pada kalimat ‘…employees to take paid time off for volunteer activities.’ Artinya, bahwa karyawan bisa mengambil kerja sukarela yang dibayar. Jawaban: B (getting paid for volunteer work ).

5. Analytical Exposition

soal un (sumber: pearsonblog.campaignserver.co.uk)

“… Firstly, child pornography in the media is never tolerated. They are apparent victims of harmful and offensive content in the internet. The internet should be no exception to these basic standards. Truly offensive material such as pornography and extreme racial hatred are no different, simply because they are published on the World Wide Web as opposed to a book or video. …”

The word “hatred” in paragraph can be best replaced with ….

a. Extremely dislike

b. Current issue

c. Difficult problem

d. Sad feeling

e. Rapid changes

Pembahasan: Padanan kata dari kata hatred/kebencian adalah extremely dislike/benar-benar tidak suka. Sedangkan, kata lainnya tidak sesuai dengan konteks kalimat karena:

Current issue: isu saat ini

Difficult problem: masalah yang sulit

Sad feeling: perasaan sedih

Rapid changes: perubahan yang cepat

Jawaban: A (extremely dislike)

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