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Learning Acceleration Program

Learning Acceleration Program (LEAP) is a career-oriented internship program designed for all university students and fresh graduates. Together with Ruangguru, Southeast Asia's largest education technology company, you will find space to learn and to grow. You will progress and immerse in an innovative and impactful business setting. Kick-start your career with us to become a competitive young professional!

Learning Acceleration Program


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    Real project assignments

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    Mentorship with industry leaders

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    Direct opportunity for full time employment

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    Competitive benefits (Rp 150.000/Day)

Don’t take it from us, take it from them who already experienced the program

Eleazar Evan Moeljono

Curriculum Designer intern (For Sekolah Online)- LEAP Batch 1
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Universitas Brawijaya

Ruangguru certainly has prepared this program very well! The team is very fun to work with and they are surely so knowledgeable in their field so I can learn a lot from them. Every task just got much easier to handle with these collaborative people!

Belinda Azzahra Putri

Business Operation (for Brain Academy) intern- LEAP Batch 1
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Universitas Indonesia

I got impressed by how interns always get involved in a challenging project and given space for growth, surely this will make me learn a lot through this program.

Kezia Lynn

Animator intern-LEAP Batch 1
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Taylor’s University-Malaysia

The Ruangguru team is not only competent in their field, they are also very open and always ready to mentor every LEAP participant. No wonder that Ruangguru is considered as one of top start-ups in Indonesia.

Jonathan Maximilian Surya

People Development Analytics Intern-LEAP Batch 1
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Institut Teknologi Bandung

Ruangguru has a very positive culture! All users are friendly, and always ready to give a hand, and I could feel that this program is very well prepared!

The Selection Process


Online Application


Online Interview
(Recruiter & Department Lead)


Announcement will
be sent via email


Are you the right fit?

You enjoy working in a dynamic environment. You welcome challenges and are keen to solve problems together with a team of passionate, innovative & collaborative people

You were privileged enough to enjoy good education and aim to make it more inclusive and accessible

You are an active university student, or a fresh graduate from a reputable university

You resonate with Ruangguru's core values CHIEF

You have been active throughout your university years: leadership, organisational experience, exchange programs, competition, etc

As a LEAP intern, you will be based in our HQ, Jakarta, Indonesia. For health and safety purposes, the program is currently done remotely, thanks to technology!


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Available Functions


Business & Operations

Strategize and monitor the running of the business



Be in the heart of the customers with our remarkable marketing initiatives



Content is our essence. Research, create, and launch the most suitable educational content for the customer



Turn product innovations into vital client solutions that is dedicated to top-notch client service


Social impact

Use technology to provide non-profit education to students all over Indonesia


Shared Services

Monitor and analyze operational and financial key performance indicators across businesses



Connect students to education solution

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? When does it start?

The program is a four-month journey and current applications will be for LEAP Batch 4, which will start on early June 2022.

Will there be credit (SKS) conversion?

There is no credit (SKS) conversion.

Who can apply?

This program is open to all final-year students & fresh graduates from local and overseas universities.

What should I prepare for my application?

You have to prepare your most updated resume (tip: keep resume to strictly 1 page only, highlighting any previous internship experience, achievements, leadership experience) and you also have to prepare your motivation letter.

How is the selection process like?

After reviewing your motivation letter and resume, we will decide if your profile suits the the program. If yes, we will invite you to an HR interview.

Can I apply for more than once but two different functions?

Yes, you can apply for more than one position in different functions.

What are the criteria in selecting the LEAPs?

We will assess each candidate holistically. We look at academic performance and achievements/awards, non-academic achievements/awards, organization experience in co-curricular activities, internship experience and also your personal cause/passion. We will also want to know whether you embody the values of Ruangguru’s C.H.I.E.F culture (https://career.ruangguru.com/our-values).

I’m not based in Jakarta, can I join this program?

Yes, anyone anywhere is allowed to apply for this program. We are currently still working fully online. However, should there be any changes to our working arrangements, you might be required to be based in Jakarta.

I have been rejected from the previous LEAP, can I still apply for this batch?

Yes, you can still apply for LEAP Batch 4 but in a different position.

Contact leap@ruangguru.com for further questions!