Ruangguru’s Response on the topic of Outsourced Workers

Ruangguru’s Response on the topic of Outsourced Workers


Responding to the alleged speculation of the outsourced workers, Ruangguru is committed to complying with regulatory requirements, and remains open to feedback from all stakeholders. Ruangguru will continue to conduct improvements to our people processes. 

In December 2020, Ruangguru appointed PT DIKA, a renowned outsourcing company that we trust to be one of our partners. One of the programs executed by PT DIKA was a traineeship selection program. The program consists of both training and on-the-job-training for 2 to 4 weeks with the participants of the traineeship program. As an outsourcing company, PT DIKA is responsible for taking care of all matters related to the participants (including their hiring, legal contracts, compensation, rights and obligations). Participants who succeed in the program and pass the selection process will be given a PKWT (employment agreement for a definite period of time) working relationship with PT DIKA. 

A month after the traineeship commenced, PT DIKA has gradually begun establishing a PKWT working relationship with the participants based on its evaluation during the program. Matters such as contract mechanism, execution and other details can be explained and confirmed directly by PT DIKA. We will always be in coordination and communication with PT DIKA to ensure that the program complies with all prevailing regulations. 

There are individuals who applied for full time positions, but unfortunately were not successful. Some of these individuals went through a separate hiring process with PT DIKA, and eventually signed contracts with PT DIKA. PT DIKA has reached out to these individuals to clarify and clear all misunderstanding.



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